Sister #1 - Sofija

“I don’t do fashion like anyone else does”

My personal style is built on philosophy - there are no boundaries in fashion. In my mind the lines between decades, colours, patterns and the most important - materials are blurred. Simply, I wear what I like - it is where my creativity is free to take a flight.

CIONGS is my way to look between standardised fashion norms and help everyone to build confidence to express their individuality and being proud of what they wear - not to mention look damn cool! 

Sister #2 - Marija

“Do you know that itching feeling to create? It is my companion in life”

My aesthetic is a reflection of my long journey to fully embrace the beauty of organic textures, shapes and forms often found in nature. I draw inspiration from the various places - building taken over by the nature, movement of water, ancient civilisations, mountains and wind (which is called CIONGS in certain Lithuanian dialect).

In my process I enjoy reusing discarded waste of production by giving it opportunity to prolong its life as new modern concepts & creations.  

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